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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Sport Event Branding

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Sport Event Branding

By Your Anonymous Race Director

Hey there, fellow event organisers! Planning your first sports event? Well, buckle up because nailing the branding is as crucial as picking the perfect playlist for your after-party. I've been there, done that, and trust me, I've learned from some epic fails. So, let's talk about the top 5 mistakes you need to dodge like a pothole on the race route.

1. White Branding Woes

Listen up, rookie mistake numero uno – white branding. Sure, it looks crisp and clean in the design studio, but take it outdoors, and it's a dirt magnet. Mud, grass, sweat – your pristine white barrier covers will soak it all up. Opt for darker shades that can handle the great outdoors without looking like they've rolled in the mud.

Alternative: Choose vibrant colours or deep hues that not only resist stains but also make your branding pop against the backdrop of your event.

An event using barrier covers means a tighter look to your event setup, and no pesky corflute to return damaged.

2. Battle of the Banners: Mesh vs. Barrier Covers

Here's the lowdown on banners – mesh is quick to set up, but it might not give you that polished, high-quality look. On the flip side, barrier covers take a bit more time but offer a smoother finish. It's the classic trade-off between speed and style. Consider your setup time against the overall aesthetic you're aiming for.

Alternative: If time is of the essence, use mesh for quick and easy setup. For a more polished appearance, allocate some extra minutes for barrier covers – your event's red carpet moment.

3. Short-Term Sponsors, Long-Term Headaches

Got sponsors? Great! But slapping short-term sponsors on your event gear might lead to a branding headache down the road. What if they don't renew next year? Save yourself the trouble and either get them to pitch into the cost, or give them their own space that won't mess with your timeless event branding.

Alternative: Encourage sponsors to invest in long-term visibility, or create a separate space for short-term sponsors that doesn't mess with your core branding.

A solid gantry. Once it's up, it doesn't need power to stay up!

4. Air Inflated Gantries: Keep the Blowers Humming

Air-inflated gantries are lifesavers – easy setup, quick takedown and can look great. But, and there's always a but, keep those blowers buzzing. No one likes a saggy, sad-looking gantry. Not only does it look terrible, it affects your event experience and health and safety. Keep the power on, and your gantry will stand tall and proud - be sure to top up your generators with fuel, and it on a staff member’s responsibilities.

Alternative: If you want something that doesn’t use any electricity, and more venue time setup, check out branded frame gantries. They look ace and you can hang things like timing off them, but require more staff to set up.

Dongles will save you money and your event's sustainability reputation.

5. Cable Ties: A No-No for the Earth and Your Reputation

Cable ties, the bane of outdoor events. They create litter, they're a pain to use, and they're bad for the environment. Go for dongles instead – they're more sustainable, quick to use, and won't leave a mess for the venue's clean-up crew. After all, you want to leave a positive mark on the community, not a trail of plastic.

Embrace reusable dongles to secure your mesh and barrier covers, ensuring an easy clean-up and a green thumbs-up from both Mother Nature and the local community. Plus if you’re into multiple events year on year, they’ll pay for themselves.

There you have it, fellow race directors. Learn from these blunders, and your event branding will shine as bright as your winners' medals. Happy event planning, and may the branding odds be ever in your favour!

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