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How to get the most from your media wall

How to get the most from your media wall

Utilising Brand Display media wall is a convenient and effective strategy for enhancing brand visibility and securing valuable publicity for businesses, organisations, and charities. These versatile backdrops serve as prominent features during media conferences and sponsored events, providing a backdrop for keynote speakers and interviews.

Here are our top 3  ways to incorporate a media wall in to you promotional strategy 

  1. Enhanced Brand Exposure: Elevate brand awareness, authority, and trust by prominently showcasing your logo and key messages on a media wall.
  2. Structured Backdrop for Media Coverage: Offer a visually appealing and organized backdrop for TV news cameras and photographers, ensuring your brand is captured professionally during interviews and events.
  3. Promotion of Partnerships: Effectively promote collaborations with sponsors, supporters, and patrons by featuring their logos alongside yours on the media wall, creating a visually cohesive representation of your partnerships.


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A media wall, often a portable pop-up banner, is crafted from lightweight materials, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup, especially crucial during urgent media conferences with tight deadlines. Notably,  media walls play a pivotal role for PR teams, offering an ideal setting for photographers and video production crews to capture a company's logo and branding.

Seen in diverse settings, from red-carpet movie premieres to press conferences, Brand Display media walls have become an integral tool in the PR toolkit. The benefits include increased brand exposure, structured backdrops for media coverage, and promotion of partnerships with sponsors and supporters.

For optimal effectiveness, it is essential to design media walls that are engaging and highlight key messages and logos. They serve as focal points for television news interviews and create a lasting buzz through social media posts, contributing to sustained brand awareness and trust.


To maximise the impact of a  media wall, consider simplicity in design, tailoring the size to the event, understanding logistical requirements, and recognising the wall's purpose, whether acknowledging sponsors, promoting the brand, or enhancing the event's identity. Indoors, it's crucial to choose an uncluttered space, while outdoors, proper anchoring with sandbags is essential, especially in windy conditions. These considerations contribute to the overall success of utilising Brand Display media walls in various events and promotional activities.

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